How long does the band play for?

Long time coming will perform for 2.5 hours spread over 2 halves, a rough time line is from 9pm to 12am, this is inclusive of a short break for evening food.

Do you provide a professional DJ service?

Yes, Alan, our lead singer was a DJ before he was a singer, we treat this as a separate service with a separate professional P.A and lighting show. We don’t use long mixes. You will get an equally professional service as you would with the band. Dj covers from 12 to 2am and unfortunately, after 2am due to venues time limits, he cannot play ‘one more tune’.

Do you run any showcases?

Yes we perform showcases every 6 to 8 weeks, we book a wedding venue and invite couples along to view us perform part of our set, our showcases are relaxed, fun and informative with absolutely no pressure or obligation to book.

Will the band perform a good mixture to keep old and young entertained?

Absolutely,  we are a generalist wedding band which means we cover a very wide variety of hits to keep everyone dancing, if we need more jives/waltzes/country/rock n roll, we can cater for this by reading the crowd in front of us and playing accordingly, we can even play more modern music and 90’s and 00’s when needed.

Will the band we see at the showcase be the band we get on the night?

Yes, and if a band member is sick or is unavailable we are required to let our couples know that a suitable replacement has been hired. We have the same members since 2017 and the crew rarely need a night off, Alan the singer and owner has never had a replacement singer. Some bands don’t use the same musicians every wedding, bands like this don’t gel as well as bands who play together week in week out.

Fully live or using backing tracks?

We are a fully love 5 piece band, bands using backing tracks do a great job and people generally not notice any difference, but for us, we like to have the freedom to change mid song, stop a song to get people singing or to encourage a random dance off, backing tracks don’t allow this kind of creativity or freedom.

Can the band learn our 1st dance

Definitely,  this is our preference as you never know what can happen with Spotify or MP3s. Gives us the opportunity to learn a new song also

Is a booking fee required?

Yes a booking fee is required to secure the date, we can hold a date for 1 week upon request.

When does the balance need to be paid.

The balance can be paid on the night of the wedding during the bands set up

Is the booking fee refundable.

Booking fees are an administrative fee for work carried out at the time of booking and are non refundable. In the event of any cancellations of the band 3 months prior to the date then 50% of the balance is required.

Will I have access to someone if I have any queries.

Yes we are fully attentive when it comes to our couples needs, we will make the booking process very easy and we will also be on hand to reply to emails, messages and calls no layer than 24hours, sooner during the week or/and if we don’t have weddings on. Alan the lead singer will see everything through, from the initial enquiry right through to the very last song of the night.

Do Long Time Coming provide other services?

Long time coming wedding band can provide much more than just Band And DJ, we can cover any aspect of your music or entertainment needs, just ask us, nothing is impossible

We can supply:

  • Band
  • DJ
  • DJ/Sax
  • Pre dinner entertainment/drinks reception (solos, acoustic duos, ukulele style, DJ, DJ/sax)
  • Ceremony (solos male and female, acoustic duos, harpists, strings)
  • Residents bar sing along
  • During the meal entertainment,  includes welcoming you into the room (Host, singers, musicians, DJ/sax.. no limit on this)
  • Day 2 entertainment: Full band, solo, acoustic duo, DJ, DJ/sax
  • Extras: video highlights, neon batons, personalised neon signs added to our set up and yours to keep.
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